Zee started its activity in 2010, by Sahar Khalili “Costume Design Expert” and Mehsa Keshavarz “Graphic Illustration Expert”.

In 2013, we expanded and completed our activities and through the Internet and prominent showrooms in Tehran and other cities, we were able to reach our compatriots in all parts of Iran.

Zee’s main focus is the production of luxurious clothes from the combination of modern and traditional styles, which is visible in the shape of the clothes and the design of the fabric.

Designs have been inspired by nature, ancient Iranian buildings, as well as neighboring cities and countries with a shared history with our beloved Iran.

Many of the fabrics are woven exclusively by fabric weaving workshops by Zee, and many of the stone embroidery and decorations are completely handmade.

Our main goal is to have our own style of design and very high quality of design, fabric and sewing.

“Zee” means covering in Persian, so that’s why it was chosen as the brand name.