panah restaurant

Client panah restaurant Year 2022 Scope logo Description Panah’s logo is for a restaurant cafe complex in the United Arab Emirates located in Dubai. The writing and calligraphy is a combination of Arabic and broken Persian script. The frame designed as a minaret around the logo shows the Iranian and Persian authenticity.


Client coral Year 2022 Scope logo Description 2020 was strange and violent for everyone. With a pandemic stopping the world, literally, culture was one of the most affected areas. With the aim of supporting this area and with the restrictions that made it impossible to hold the festival, the Estaleiro MMXX materialized in artistic residencies. […]

windome hotel

Client windome hotel Year 2022 Scope logo Description windome Hotel is a luxury hotel located in Qatar, which was opened for the 2022 World Cup. The combination of the hotel symbol, house and letters was approved by the manager of the complex and this hotel was welcoming spectators for the 2022 World Cup.


Client tensor Year 2022 Scope logo Description The activity of this startup is in the field of robotics, especially service robots. The members of this engineering group include students, graduates or professors of Sharif University of Technology. The main axis of coding in this group is based on the ROS platform, which can be said […]

pedram ramadan

Client pedram ramadan Year 2022 Scope logo Description This brand operates in the field of men’s clothing, especially luxury suits. This brand is currently exporting its products and its registration is in progress.


Client Preece Year 2022 Scope logo Description The preece brand is located in the UAE and is engaged in the field of bags, shoes and clothes. The designs of this brand are mostly in classic style. The combination of letters and columns has given more effect to the originality of the brand and its classicity.

abolfazl haji heidar

Client abolfazl haji heidar Year 2022 Scope logo Description Abolfazl Haji Haider is an inventor, a top researcher and a biology teacher. Abolfazl wanted a logo similar to stampt along with his family name. The design of the font and calligraphy of their name has created a different effect in the logo