about us


Aphra Fouladi was born in Iran. His initial education was in multiple subfields of art, but after a short period of time he left the university to pursue fields such as design, photography, graphics, digital marketing, and branding that he had wanted to pursue for a long time. In his current position as an art director, he helps startups and independent companies grow better and faster.

Mohammad Tousi was born in 1994 in Tehran. A graduated of Master of Business Administration (MBA). He has a deep understanding of management and the work process. It is quite evident that he is very interested in what he does and he has expertise in various fields such as website design and SEO.

Sahar Ghanbari was born in Iran in 1998. The area of study in which she pursued her university education was graphic design. She began her career in illustration and typography, and after graduating, she turned to branding and website design as her primary areas of expertise.

Nilufar Ghanbari was born in Tehran in 1993. Her interest is studying in the field of graphics, but he is also skilled in fields such as calligraphy and videography. These skills are not Nilofar’s work, but it’s her lifestyle.